Colombia - Carlos Ernesto Ospina El Triunfo


Region: San Luis, Aipe 

Altitude: 1,800 - 1,900  m

Farm/Coop/Station: Finca El Triunfo

Varietal: Castillo, Caturra

Processing: Fully washed

Sensory: Brown Spice, Plum, Ginger, Cherry, Milk Chocolate

SCA Cupping Score: 88



Colombia has been producing and exporting coffee renowned for their full body, bright acidity and rich aftertaste, since the early 19th century.

Colombia boasts a wide range of climates and geographic conditions that, in turn, produce their own unique flavors in coffee. This also means that harvest times can vary quite a bit. In fact, between all its different regions, Colombia produces fresh crop nearly all year round.